Going back to school in your late twenties

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“Better late than never” is a saying that we all have come across at some point in our lives. Moreover, this extended period of us being stuck at home has surely made us do some serious thinking regarding where we are in life, and whether we are truly happy in doing what we are doing right now. In those moments of introspection, it is not uncommon to come across the thought of going back to school.

If we think about it, our later 20s are years when we have had some kind of life experiences, both in the field of education, work, and family, which made us realise that many high paying job profiles require a particular college degree. The urge of going back to school might simply arise from the fulfillment of a dream of higher education. Or, for working professionals, online MBA learning would be an advancement in the current career might that is funded by your employer and shall help you to cultivate a particular set of skills for making yourself unique from the crowd.

College education is not just the first step towards an enrichment of your life, but it also has a huge positive impact on those who are around you. It is an asset that can hardly be measured in quantified manner since the rewards of it are to last for a lifetime.

Why should I go back to school in my late 20s?

Surprisingly, education has a long term benefit with the mental and physical wellness, so why wait any longer? Researchers have come across some unexpected link between mental wellbeing and education- adult are prone to leading a healthier life if they engage in some kind of education. The science is quite simple- studying and educating ourselves ensure that our mind and brain are functioning at the optimal level, and slowing down the process of aging by almost a decade!

DR. Margie E. Lachman and Patricia A. Tun states that people in the mid-70s, who have earned a college degree are have shown better performance in completing complex tasks in comparison to people 10 years younger and with no college education.

“When young adults think about college, they think about career opportunities and possibly the social benefits. What they don’t realize is college education has long-term benefits well beyond first job and social contacts” writes Dr. Lachman in an article published in the New York Times.

In short, it is time for you to go back to school in your late twenties because of the following reasons:

· To gain knowledge and develop skills that are applicable in real life and work

· To earn a competitive edge for the sake of advancing in your career

· Ensuring that you stay mentally fit, and hence gain from its long term benefits

· Be impactful in your immediate community and also contribute to the world at large

Important factor to be mindful of while considering to go back to school in your late twenties

When we are in our late twenties, we have already lived for some years as an adult, with responsibilities. We have a clearer insight of our goals, ambitions, and passions. With our expanded perspective, we are now ready for some self-investment, and for that, we have decided to go back to school.

The financial situation

Paying bills is an integral part of adult life, and something we have perhaps with some difficulty, become accustomed with. But there are other financial challenges that need some careful consideration- maxed out credit cards, low savings, and perhaps even a home loan. If any of these challenges are applicable to you, tuition costs will only add to the list.

However, there are resources available to help you, and aids that cover parts of the cost. It is up to you to make optimal use of them. Some of the resources have been listed for you to get started:

· Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for high school graduates wanting to get into college or university.

· Fastweb is an online resource that provides links to scholarships, private loans for students, advice on finance, and even help you to calculate your budget.

Some career paths to consider when you go back to school in your late twenties:

Career in Management

The Online Knowledge Hub provides extensive information on various online courses that might be perfect for you in the lockdown. It is a great option to consider since good companies are always on the lookout for professionals who carry a degree in management.

Career as an Information security analyst

Data and information are extremely valuable in the present society- so is the need for those who can analyse the amount of security provided by various organisations’ networks.

For a career in this field, you would require a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Many universities also candidates consider other computer-related fields as eligible.

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